How Does Meladerm Compare To Other Skin Lighteners?

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Skin lightening products or skin brighteners work by reducing melanin (the brown pigment) in the skin. While there are a number of natural skin lighteners available on the market our extensive research puts Meladerm ahead of it’s competitors for a number of reasons.

  • Nearly every customer reported substantially lighter skin after using this product.
  • Most users saw noticeable results within 2 weeks
  • Meladerm is made from natural ingredients (no hydroquinine)
  • An airless pump is used to dispense the product during packaging. This provides optimal protection for the sensitive ingredients in Meladerm (like Kojic Acid) that easily oxidize with extended exposure to air or light.

More Active Ingredients!

Meladerm contains the highest concentration of proven skin lightening agents when compared to other products. It contains at least 10 ingredients that specifically target skin brightening and a number of unique agents including:

Alpha Arbutin – a pure form of arbutin which is considered more potent for skin lightening than regular arbutin extract

Tego Cosmo C – an amino acid derivative that inhibits tyrosinase activity in melanocytes and improve the clarity and eveness of the skin tone.

Gigawhite – is a 100% natural  substitute for hydroquinone. It is a natural extract from plants found mainly in the Swiss Alps.

We have prepared this comparison chart to quickly compare three of the most popular products for natural skin lightening.

Natural Skin Lighteners Comparison

Product Comparison
Number of active skin lightening ingredients10+36
Uses natural ingredientsYesYesYes
Number of years on the market10 years4 years1 year
Packaged to prevent air contaminationYesNoYes
Packaged to prevent light exposureYesYesNo
Bottle size50 ml (1.7 oz)59 ml (2 0z)50 ml (1.7 oz)
Recommended by professionalsYesNoNo
Money Back GuaranteeYesNoOnly if you purchase 3 containers

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