Meladerm Reviews – Before and After Photos

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meladerm-skin-lightening-creamMeladerm pigment reducing complex does not contain any hydroquinone, steroids or mercury. It contains a special blend of natural extracts that are proven to whiten skin naturally.

Most people have seen improvement in the appearance of their skin in the first 2 weeks while the manufacturer reports that, after 3 months of regular use, uneven skin tones will gradually become more uniform as you skin’s original glow and texture is restored.

Because people will purchase Meladerm for a range of skin conditions, including melasma, dark spots and hyperpigmentation, Civant skin care do offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee if initial improvement is not seen.

Meladerm is suitable for all skin colours and tones, including people of Asian ethnicity and African American skin types. They do advise that the results could take longer for people with very dark skin.

Below are some examples of “before” and “after” photos posted by people who have used Meladerm.  You can see more pictures at the Civant website under “Real Stories”.

Tyra B. used Meladerm to treat dark spots on her skin
Tyra B. “Gave me back my confidence!”

Tyra used Meladerm cream for 5 months to treat black spots on her face and forehead. She saw a remarkable improvement in that time and says Meladerm “gave her back her confidence”!



Goodbye Makeup!
Goodbye Makeup!

Beverly was she was in a car accident in 2010 and afterwards developed bad acne due to the medication and the stress she was under. After spending a lot of money on make up to cover her skin, she researched different solutions before trying Meladerm. She used Meladerm twice a day and says she noticed a difference in her skin within the first week, followed by a huge improvement after 2 months.


Sevena successfully treated her melasma with Meladerm
Savina successfully treated her melasma with Meladerm

Savina developed melasma after using birth control pills. She had a dark patch of skin on her upper lip, which she says looked like a moustache. She used make up to cover this up before trying Meladerm. Within 2 months she has seen great results and recommended Meladerm to her mother who developed dark patches on her face during pregnancy.


The makers of Meladerm┬« take great care in the manufacturing of their product to ensure the whitening extracts are  filtered and micronized for greater efficiency. These extracts are combined with proven carriers and  liposomes that help to nuture the skin and ensure that the whitening ingredients are deeply absorbed into the skin layers.

To learn about the benefits and possible side effects of Meladerm you can read our comprehensive review here:


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    • How quickly you see results with Meladerm will depend on the skin condition you are treating and how much exposure you have to UV rays. Most people see good results after 2-3 months of continuous use. The lightening results will usually be permanent. Some people report using an occasional “top-up” application of Meladerm to maintain the even skin tone they have achieved.


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