How to Add Skin Whiteners to Your Lotion

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A number of readers have asked if they can add natural skin whitening ingredients to their own creams or lotions. The answer is…Yes!

This tutorial shows you how to add whitening ingredients like Kojic acid, beta arbutin, licorice extract and niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to your everyday lotion.

If you are looking for step by step instructions on mixing skin lighteners into own lotion you can simply watch the video or follow the written instructions below.

There are a number of natural whitening agents that you can mix into a homemade whitening cream. You do not need to use all of them if you prefer just one or two. Kojic acid and niacinamide are proven skin whiteners but there are other natural powders like alpha arbutin (from the bearberry plant) and white mulberry leaf extract that you could try.

All of these ingredients can be found online at herbal stores or at Amazon.

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How to Make Kojic Acid Cream

You will need:

  • 4 oz Base lotion
  • 1 teaspoon Kojic acid powder
  • 1 teaspoon Niacinamide (B3) powder
  • 1 teaspoon Beta arbutin
  • 1 tablespoon Aloe vera juice
  • 10 drops Licorice extract
  • 10 drops Sandalwood extract
  • 10 drops Carrot oil
  • 6 drops Papaya oil
  • 20 drops Hyaluronic acid
  • 1 teaspoon Lemon essentail oil

Watch the tutorial (12 minutes) or read the instructions below:


Instructions for making Kojic acid whitening cream:

  1. In a clean bowl measure out 4 oz of the base lotion – use an all natural lotion.
  2. Combine the Kojic acid powder, Beta arbutin powder and Aloe vera juice. Rose water oil or distilled water can be used in place of Aloe vera juice if you prefer.
  3. Dissolve this mixture using the double boiler method. Stir until it is clear. Be careful NOT to let it boil!
  4. Add this mixture to the base cream and stir well.
  5. In another clean bowl, mix the niacinamide powder, papaya oil and carrot oil and dissolve. You do NOT need to heat these.
  6. Add this mixture to the cream and stir it in. When it is well mixed you can add the rest of the ingredients; Licorice extract, Sandalwood oil, Lemon essentail oil and Hyaluronic acid. Be careful not to add too much of these oils as they will make your cream too runny.
  7. Pour your lotion into a sterilized container
  8. Store in the fridge.

Suggested ingredients:

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54 thoughts on “How to Add Skin Whiteners to Your Lotion”

    • Hi Weba. Yes it is possible to add gigawhite to your cream. If it is very grainy you can GENTLY heat the cream and stir the gigawhite powder in that way unitl it dissolves. Don’t overheat.

    • Hi. This whitening cream recipe contains a number of proven skin whitening ingredients. It should lighten your skin with regular use. I am unable to say how many shades lighter it will make your skin because that will depend on your skin color and tone to begin.

  1. I purchased powder form of hyaluronic acid, can you tell me how much to use of it since I do not have the liquid form? Also, do you have a DIY recipe for the base cream>?
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi. I found two recipes for making a serum or gel from hyaluronic powder. This can be added to a base cream.

      Recipe 1: Add 1/2 teaspoon of hyaluronic powder to one cup of rose water. If you want to add a preservative, add 1/2 tsp. leucidal liqud. Shake the mixture and sit it in the fridge overnight so they powder is fully dissolved before you use it.

      Recipe 2: Add hyaluronic powder to distilled water (1 gram per 2 or 3 fluid ounces of distilled water). Refrigerate your mixture but be aware it will only last 2-3 days. To stabilize the mixture add Germaben II at 1%.

      Here is a video on How To Make a Base Cream

      The ingredients are:

      108 grams Almond oil
      26 grams stearic acid
      46 grams Emulsifying wax
      10 grams vitamin e
      354 grams distilled water
      10 grams ophtiphen preservative
      fragrances oil or essential oil
      3 tablespoons 90% lactic acid

  2. From nigeria i av oily skin I just bought gluta-c intense whitening body lotion n mixed with gigawhite n licorice extract thinking it wud lighten my skin but my skin did nt change.pls what I use to lighten or do u suggest that I use lighten serum if yes which serum do u suggest

    • Im sorry you did not have success with that product. You could try using Meladerm or Epibright. Both are made from natural ingredients. They can be purchased online and ship to most countries. Both products offer a money back of 30 to 6o days if you don’t get good results.

  3. Hello , I want to ask you question I have now the aplha burtin powder how I use it on the cream ? I only have this powder .
    I read on the internet they said you should put 2 grams only my question is how much water I put in the powder ?

    • If you are using Alpha arbutin powder you can just add water drop by drop until you can dissolve the powder enough to mix into your cream. Remember to always use sunscreen outdoors if you make a whitening cream with Alpha arbutin as you skin will be more sensitive to the suns UV rays.

    • If you looking to buy Meladerm it is available online through the Civant skin care company. If you are looking to buy skin whitening ingredients yoy can purchase them from Amazon or other online pharmaceutical companies.

  4. Please can you teach me how to make a skin whitening glowing oil with organic oil & essential oil,glutathione,beta arbutin,licorice,vitamin b3,aloe Vera gel,kamana milk and goat milk….thank you.

  5. Hi. I want to get a glowing skin. Will the lightening agent give me that? Secondly, what do I need for lightening and glowing face cream please.

  6. Pls I want to know how to add whitening agents into my body lotion( vaseline lotion) just to enhance the effectiveness and a more faster work.

    • Hi. Kojic acid is not a very stable compound so you should use homemade skin whitening creams fairly quickly, in 1 to 2 weeks. You can add a preservative to prolong the shelf life.

    • Hi. Kojic acid is not a very stable compound so you should use homemade skin whitening creams fairly quickly, 1 to 2 weeks. You can add a preservative to prolong the shel life.

  7. I just have alpha arbutin powder, kojic acid powder, and niacinamide powder.. And i just wanna mix that three ingredients so can i just dissolve them in a few drops of rose water (dont heat it) and mix it to my cream?
    I also have azeloclicina solutions, can you give me the way to make it a mist product… Thanks

    • It is best to heat ingredients like kojic acid slightly to help them dissolve. Otherwise they might feel gritty in your base cream. However I am told that they will eventually dissolve in the base cream even if they are are gritty after heating so you could try dissolving them in rose water first.

      Azeloglicina is a form of functional azelaic acid. It is used in whitening creams and brightening serums. It does comes in a liquid form but I am unsure how you can make this into a mist product.

    • Vitamin E is not technically a preservative but it contains natural antioxidants which can help to extend the shelf life of homemade cosmetics. It is suggested you add Vitamin E at a rate of 0.5 to 1.0% when making soaps and other skin-care products.

  8. Ma’am can you please tell me what to use for whitening facial cream. I have a sensitive skin though and I don’t know what to use.

  9. Hey there, I want to know if it’s possible to mix Licorice Root powder and orange peel powder separately into almond oil and mix it with Shea butter.

    • Yes. It is possible to mix licorice root powder and orange peel powder ingredients into shea butter. The almond oil should help to dissolve the powders but if they are still gritty you might need to heat the mixture very gently so they fully dissolve.

  10. Hi ma
    Pls I want to add snow white powder to cream at home but I don’t know how To go about it and how long will it last

  11. Please ma’am I want to add miracle powder, gluta comprime serum and eyptian magic serum using Palmer skin success lotion as my base, please I need your guidance

    • I am not familiar with all of these ingredients but you could try following my tutorial that shows how to add whitening ingredients to a base cream.

  12. Hi, please I have mulberry power (pink) how do I add it to my lotion

    And can I add both mulberry and niacinmade to my lotion at the same time?

  13. Hi, please I’d like to know how to use Kojic powder alone to my lotion. I’ve never known of it. I have nothing else but the powder and lotion. Please I need the procedure. How do I heat the powder when I don’t have a boiler? Thank you!

    • Hi. Add about 1 level teaspoon (2.5g) of kojic acid to 4oz of lotion. If you do not have a double boiler put the mixture in a glass bowl and sit it in the kitchen sink or a tray of hot water. Stir to gently dissolve the powder.

  14. Please where can i get goat milk
    And is it possible to add kojic acid with snow white powder into your soap instead of cream.
    Thank you

    • Hi.Goat milk is available at supermarkets or online at Amazon. You can add Kojic acid and whitening powders to soap. Use castile or a transparent soap as a base. There are videos online that demonstrate this process.

  15. Please I want to go into skin care business, I want your help on how make the best super half cast cream, and a stretch mark cream, please, and please teach me the different skin and the best cream for them.

    • Gigawhite powder should only take a couple of minutes to dissolve if the base lotion is heated gently. Or you can buy Gigawhite in as liquid form that does not need dissolving first.

  16. Hey is it possible to just mix the kojic acid powder with aloe Vera gel and apply on the face? Do I still need to heat it before applying on my face?
    Please reply thanks

    • I have not tried mixing kojic acid with aloe gel. The reason it is heated is to dissolve the powder. The kojoc acid can be a bit grainy otherwise.

  17. I mixed my licorice powder and niacinamide powder together with whitening glycerin, then used a double boiling method before adding to my cream, but I can feel it on my palm what should I do

    • Hi Iwuala. I’m not sure about the problem you are describing but maybe adding the glycerin to the whitening ingredients has made the lotion too runny?

  18. Can it be use on face? And my African black soap has some of whitens additives in it eg alpha arbutin powder, licorise powder, orange peel, camwood powder, will it be OK to have some of it my lotion?

    • Homemade skin whitening lotions can be used on the face. If the ingredients are all natural there should be no problem. If you are unsure or have sensitive skin you could test it on a small patch first. You mention your African black soap has some of these lightening ingredients already. Are you looking to mix the soap and lotion together? I know you can make a liquid African black soap for use as a body wash but I am not sure that you can add this to a lotion.

      To make a liquid African black soap start by cutting the soap up and soaking it in water in a jar. Add a tablespoon of almond oil and 10-20 drops of any essential oils to the jar. Shake it all together and then leave it to sit until the soap is fully dissolved.

  19. Is it a concern when my kojic acid + lotion mixture turns brown?….i didn’t heat the mixture also. How long should it be effective (shelf life)

    • Kojic acid will turn brown when exposed to air or sun. It is better to heat the lotion when mixing the ingredients and add a preservative for longer shelf life. It is recommended not to use the lotion if it has gone brown.


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