Asian Skin Whitening and Meladerm

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asian skin whitening People of Asian ethnicity have a different skin type to Caucasians which can often require a different skin care regime. Not all skin products designed for Caucasians will be suited to Asian skin care.

Asian Skin Benefits

Asian skin has higher levels of the photo-protective pigment called melanin. This allows the skin to tan more easily and acts like a built-in UV sunscreen, reducing the risk of serious sunburn and skin cancers.

Asian skin has been found to have a thinner, but more compact, stratum corneum (the extreme outer layer of the epidermis) which results in an increased skin barrier function. This helps to make Asian skin more resistant to aging and wrinkles so it stays “younger” looking for longer, depending on the environment of the person.

Asian skin also has a thicker dermis which is more fibrous, with larger amounts of collagen.  While skin tones vary, even Asian people with a lighter, milky skin colour will tend to have greater collagen density when compared to pale skinned non-Asians. The larger amount of collagen assists the skin to recover more quickly from surgery or injury.

Asian Skin Problems

Sensitivity – Asian skin tends to be more sensitive due to the thinner outer layer, the stratum corneum. It can be easily irritated by environmental factors or chemicals and harsh skincare treatments, like chemical peels, can damage the skin and disrupt the natural pH levels.

Hyperpigmentation and scars – The higher level of melanin in Asian skin can lead to an increased incidence of hyper pigmentation, dark spots, melasma and uneven skin tones. The thinner outer skin layer means the skin can scar more easily too, so avoid squeezing pimples or picking at acne sores. The reddening of scars and keloid scar formation is more common among Asians than in Caucasian populations.

Acne – Asian skin has more sebaceous glands and can be quite oily. This means the pores can get easily clogged. The skin should be gently exfoliated once or twice a week, but avoid harsh products as they can strip the natural moisture of your skin and will make it look and feel dull.

Dryness – it has been shown that Asian skin types are more permeable and lose water more readily so it is important to keep the skin well hydrated.

Asian Skin Whitening Treatments

It is important to choose skin whitening treatments carefully due to the sensitive nature of Asian skin. Dermatologists recommend using creams that inactivate the production of the melanocytes that cause the dark pigmentation of the skin.

Harsh chemical peels and laser resurfacing surgery using ablative techniques are not recommended for Asian skin types and skin whitening products containing hydroquinine should be avoided at all costs.

Dermatologists suggest the use of Erbium lasers as there is less tendency for complications in Asian skin types and the ProFractional laser is considered much safer than Fraxel laser. Source:

Is Meladerm suitable for Asian Skin?

Meladerm 4 piece kitMeladerm Cream by Civant contains all natural ingredients and has been proven to work on all skin tones, regardless of color and ethnicity. Meladerm can be used to reduce the appearance of melasma, dark spots, acne scars, skin discoloration and freckles.

The lotion contains proven skin whiteners from nature including Alpha Arbutin, Kojic acid, bearberry extract, mulberry extract, liquorice and lemon. The exfoliation ingredients in Meladerm can assist in reducing dirt and removing old skin. The formulation is designed to be gentle on the skin and many of the ingredients are chosen for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Meladerm Reviews from real users…

Titaree is an Asian woman with very sensitive skin. After trying many skin care products that made her skin burn or itch she was, at times, so depressed she didn’t want to go out. Then she came across Meladerm and has been using it for the last 8 years! She says her skin is now “superfine and  looks so much look better!”  She has no more pimples and still uses Meladerm to moisturise her skin every day.

SSE is of Asian descent and previously used a “high end Japanese skin care line”but she says the results were not as powerful as Meladerm.  She says “This product SHOULD be the rage for those that seek a brighter complexion”.

See their stories and more at “Real Stories” on the official Civant website.

Buy Meladerm Online

Meladerm is available at the Civant Skin Care official website.

They offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee if, for some reason, you are not happy with any of their products.



The Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex is $49.95 US or you can buy a 4 piece skin care kit for $114.95 US (the kit has the 3.4oz Meladerm along with a toner, cleanser and microdermabrasion cloth)

6 thoughts on “Asian Skin Whitening and Meladerm”

  1. HI all thanks for the above informations help us to reduce the dark sports on face 🙂 but in Tunisia we have not this kind of cream MELADERM also a lot of pharmacy in Tunisia sell the mercury / hydroquinone cream that increases our brown spots

    I want to know if it is possible to have a preprésentant in tuniqie to sell this kind of cream you aves without mercury and without hydroquinone? Meladerm?

    thank you for your prompt reply 🙂

  2. Hi, i have a problem to my face, i have like sun spot, age spot and pigmentation to my face I’ll try all cream but looks not worth to me, i wonder if this product can i use to my face? Give me a advace pls, thanks! Delia

    • Meladerm is suitable for use on sun spots, liver or age spots and hyperpigmentation. If you are not happy with the initial results the company offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


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