7 Natural Ingredients That Really Whiten Skin

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skin whitening creamSkin whitening creams are often used to address problems associated with hyper-pigmentation, including melasma, acne scars, dark spots and uneven skin tones. Traditionally these creams were formulated using synthetic ingredients like hydroquinine and mercury. These ingredients are both effective bleaching agents as they supress the formation of melanin, the pigment that darkens or “tans” our skin. However, recent studies have shown that these ingredients can be toxic to the body and can impair normal body function if used for extended periods of time. Hydroquinine (C6H6O2) is a chemical that is used in hair dyes and in the manufacture of rubber. It has been linked to cancer and banned from use in cosmetics in some countries.

According to the World Health Association, inorganic mercury used in skin whitening soaps and creams can cause kidney damage, skin discolorations, rashes and even neurological problems. You can read their flyer here:  http://www.who.int/ipcs/assessment/public_health/mercury_flyer.pdf

When mecury and hydroquinine are used for prolonged periods they can not only cause serious health issues, they can also “re-oxidise”, reacting with the sun’s UV rays to actually increase melanin production causing pigmentation problems and premature ageing of the skin. Fortunately, scientists have now discovered a number of  ingredients from nature that are equally as effective as skin bleaching agents, without the risk of harmful side effects.  Natural skin lighteners can help you to achieve a whiter complexion in two ways:

    1. By inhibiting the production of melanin in the basal layers of the skin
    2. By absorbing harmful UV rays and reducing the effects of sun damage

Natural ingredients proven to whiten skin include: 1. Alpha Arbutin – is a synthetic product, produced in the form of a white powder, that is derived from natural plant sources like the bearberry plant. Bearberry extract comes from the leaves of the bearberry plant and has been shown to be a good alternative to hydroquinine. It acts by inhibiting the enzyme, tyrosinase, which is responsible for the production of melanin in the skin. Bearberry extract also offers UV protection sun filters which can reduce the amount of tanning and prevent premature ageing of the skin.

Bearberry (Arctostaphulos uvaursi)

2. Kojic Acid – is a white crystalline powder that comes from the koji mushroom, Aspergillus oryzae, in Asia. It is produced as a by-product in the production of the rice wine, sake, and is an effective skin whitener. Kojic acid can cause mild skin irritations for some people so it is best to choose a whitening cream that combines Kojic acid with moisturising, anti-inflammatory ingredients that soothe the skin and reduce the risk of irritation. kojic mushroom

3. Emblica extract (Phyllanthus Emblica) – comes from the Indian gooseberry plant. This plant has been used for medicinal purposes in India for many years. Emblica extract has been found to be a powerful antioxidant containing large amounts of Vitamin C and antimicrobial properties. It helps the skin to retain its natural moisture while protecting it from photo-damage and oxidative stress. Emblica extract has been shown to suppress the production of melanin and is considered a safe de-pigmenting agent for use in cosmetics.

Indian Gooseberry Phyllanthus Emblica

4. Liquorice Extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra) – has been used in China since ancient times to treat all sorts of skin complaints and in the early 1990’s the whitening compound, glabridin, was first identified by Japanese scientists. Glabridin protects the skin by absorbing harmful UVA and UVB rays. Clinical trials have shown that it is effective in treating hyperpigmentation (including dark spots) and it can be used to reverse the damage caused by acne scars. Glabridin has the capacity to inhibit the activity of the tyrosinase enzyme by as much as 50% without damaging skin cells. Liquorice extract has anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm the skin and reduce skin irritation and redness. Liquorice roots 5. Giga White® is a patented skin brightener that is widely used in modern skin lightening creams as an alternative to hydroquinine. It is made from from 7 Swiss Alpine plant extracts including the peppermint, primula and mallow plants. Clinical trials in Asia using Gigawhite showed significant lightening activity after 12 weeks of treatment in subjects aged 22-55, with minimal to no skin irritation. It is effective in treating dark spots, skin discolorations and sun damaged skin.

Swiss alpine plants, Gigawhite

6. White Mulberry (Morus alba) – and other species of the mulberry plant have been shown to effectivly inhibit melanogenesis (melanin production) with possibly a more potent ability than Kojic acid. Clinical trials have found that mulberry root bark extract and leaf extract from the twigs can inhibit tyrosinase activity be as much as 50%. Cosmetices containing white mulberry extract can also improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by helping to restore fibrillin. White mulberry and paper mulberry are both considered suitable for dermatological use. You can read more about white mulberry skin whitening properties here: http://www.skinandallergynews.com/index.php?id=1059&type=98&tx_ttnews[tt_news]=216679

White Mulberry

7. Vitamin C – Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are natural skin bleaching agents used in homemade skin lightening recipes. Vitamin C is known to assist in the production of collagen fibres that support you skin and keep it firm. l-Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C AsA, is a naturally occurring anti-oxidant that can slow down hyperactive melanocytes in the upper layers of the skin when applied topically.

Skin Whitening Creams

While it is possible to purchase some of these ingredients individually online it is easier to choose a good brand skin whitening cream that is formulated from these natural whiteners.

Be aware that some products advertised as skin “brighteners” may not be designed to also whiten the skin. They will typically contain ingredients that will exfoliate your skin. This process will remove dead skin cells (and some excess pigmentation) so your skin will appear “brighter” but the ingredients may not actually lighten or bleach the skin. Depending on the results you are hoping to achieve check the list of active ingredients first. Good skin whitening creams like Meladerm will contain a combination of the ingredients listed above that are proven to actually “whiten” the skin, along with moisturising and protective ingredients that will care for the skin to avoid unwanted skin irritations.

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    • Is it really worked ,IF yes then please provide me with the process to my email because i am very concious of my skin”s dark colour. Please i would be greatly thankful to you.
      You can also whatsapp me at9268273945 . It would be very thankful to u .

  1. Vitamin C really helps in skincare, You might have seen many vitamin C serums. You can also get Vitamin C from natural sources such as Emblica extract, It really helps a lot dealing with skin issues and I have also seen it help people suffering from acne.

    • Meladerm is suitable for most skin types. The side effects are minimal as it is made from all natural ingredients. Most people have no side effects. For a list of ingredients see this article.

  2. Just went through your stuff and I found most of it really useful looking forward to trying out some of them whose ingredients are found in my area…hoping it will work out for me

    • Hi. Civant Skincare ship to most countries. You can pay by Paypal or Credit Card. The countries will be listed on the order page. Civant advise that international orders can be placed online or by mail. If your country is not listed in the online checkout, you can use either PayPal or the Mail Order form to submit your order. The Special Offer on this site is for the 1.7oz Meladerm Cream which costs $49.99. You only use a small amount so it would last 7-8 weeks if you use this twice a day. Hope that helps.

    • Hi Deepali. Arbutin inhibits the production of the tyrosinase enzyme which is responsible for melanin production in the skin. It is safe to use on your skin but may make your skin more sensitive to UV rays. So make sure you wear a high SPF sunscreen while using Meladerm.

      • Hi, I used himalaya Bleminor on my skin
        How long do skin lightening creams last in your skin before they go?
        Or are they permanently there ?

        Any help would be good thanks

        • Hi Tyva. Skin whitening creams are generally not permanent. They do not stay in the skin once washed off. When you use a whitening cream, the activity of the melanocytes is reduced and so is the production of melanin. This results in lighter skin. However, your skin is constantly being renewed, and new melanin will be produced by the melanocytes over time. If you stop using the cream your skin should darken gradually over time rather than instantly. If these areas will not darken the cells may be damaged. I would advise consulting a dermatologist for advice about this problem.

  3. Hi, I have 3 year old baby and she is having dusky skin complexion. In this article there are some natural way of skin lightening ingredients were suggested. Please let me know that which combinations are good for baby skin and your valuable suggestions.

    • Hi Lakshmi. It is not recommended that you use skin lightening creams on your baby. They may not be safe or suitable for a baby’s delicate skin and might cause rashes or allergies and even skin burns on his delicate skin. There are not enough studies on the safety of even natural skin lighteners for babies skin. Some people massage their babies skin with a paste of raw milk, fresh cream, gram flour and turmeric, however, raw milk may carry bacteria and the besan may scratch a baby’s skin so it is best to take caution here.

  4. SOMEONE HELP PLS? ..I applied Himalaya Bleminor to my skin 1.5 years ago to lighten hyper-pigmentation.

    I accidentally lightened the skin too much – now this area is lighter than my natural skin tone/surrounding skin.

    Himalaya Bleminor contains licorice & thus glabridin.

    This cream prevents re-pigmentation from the sun/UVA/UVB light ..

    How can I remove what’s left of the cream in my skin because I have tried to bring back my colour by using a UVB lamp and only the surrounding area was getting darker ..

    This indicates that the skin in question still has the Licorice/glabridin in it ..

    Any help would be great, Many thanks

  5. Hello,pls my question is how much is this cream if shipped to Nigeria,because am a Nigerian? And u said something’s like if the cream is finished, the skin goes back to it former color,or if u stop using it? But y that? Lastly,do you sell all this ingredients, if yes,how do one get them? And how are they sold or measured or are they sealed ingredients? Thanks….looking forward to your reply.

    • Hi Funmilola. Meladerm cream can be purchased online and they ship to most countries around the world. Most people use the cream until they achieve their desired result. This can take 2-3 months depending on your skin colour and tone to start. Once the result is reached you can maintain this by avoiding excessive sun exposure and using a high SPF sunblock when you are outdoors. Some people may use the cream again from time to time to maintain the result.

      We do not sell the individual ingredients listed in the article. You can purchase these individually from some pharmacies or online. You would need to search for them.

    • Hi Pritha. I am not very familiar with this skin condition, erythma dischromicum perstans. My research shows it is a benign skin condition characterized by ashy grey patches. As far as I can see it does not appear to respond to treatment with regular skin whiteners, like Meladerm. I would consult a dermatologist about other treatment options.

      According to https://www.dermnetnz.org
      “Treatments that may help improve the appearance include:topical steroids, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, lasers and chemical peels. The most successful systemic treatment has been clofazimine. Corticosteroids have been used successfully in a few case”

    • It may not be possible to be extremely white but it is possible to lighten your skin tone using an all natural ingredients that inhibit the production of melanin in your skin.

  6. Hi everyone
    We are launching the Dermafair world’s first Liposomal skin lightening cream in India and will be available around the world by January February 2019.
    Clinical results are fantastic. Please visit our website for more details and for local outlets for Dermafair in your area.
    Dr Hardyal Gill. 00447523272036.

    • Hi. It is possible to lighten areas of hyperpigmentation using whitening creams. If you have concerns/problem areas or questions it would be best to see a dermatologist who can see you on person.

  7. I have been making body cream for years now but I am still having problems with my lightening creams. Please what can I do?


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